Code of Conduct

Here we outline acceptable best practices, restrictions and what we deem acceptable and unacceptable at Operation SEAPonyCon. We try to make this as simple and easy to process as possible while covering as much ground as we can.

The gist of it

Here's a simplified version of our code of conduct. Please familiarise yourself with this.


Always wear your badge while at the convention. Please do not lose it or share it with someone else. You will have to buy a new one if you lose it.


You are expected to follow instructions, especially on when to enter or leave the venue. Please comply to ensure a smooth flow of events.


Silence your phone and keep noise levels to a minimum. Be considerate of others, especially those running activities.


Remember that what is illegal in The Philippines is illegal at the convention. Obscene behaviour is also prohibited.


Take care of your belongings and don’t leave them unattended. Be mindful of others’ belongings while at the convention.


Please clean up after yourself and do not litter. Food and drink is allowed in the venue but make sure to not leave a mess.


Vandalism and destruction of property will not be tolerated. Be mindful of your surroundings.


Be considerate of others’ privacy and ask permission before taking photos or videos, and also before touching their belongings.


Failure to comply with our policies and crew instructions can and will result in your badge being revoked and removal from the venue. Badges are non-refundable.

Comfort & Safety

While we do our best to make Project SEAPonyCon and all our events a comfortable and safe space, you as an attendee also play a role in ensuring the best experience for each other.


• Playing loud music on personal speakers
• Leaving items unattended around the convention space
• Making unnecessary noise (e.g. knocking things together, popping balloons, etc.)
• Excessive swearing and/or use of profanity
• Hogging facilities such as the bathroom
• Consumption of messy food and drinks
• Unwarranted solicitation of support
• Using illumination devices (e.g. laser pointers, torch lights) to disrupt activities


• Any form of harassment and assault, verbal or physical
• Exhibition, possession, sale and/or distribution of illegal items
• Exhibition, possession, sale and/or distribution of unsavory articles (e.g. pornography, lewd drawings & figurines etc.)
• Wearing any article of clothing depicting sexual behaviour, containing profanity, hate speech & symbols and/or graphic imagery (e.g. Swastika symbols, ahegao shirts etc.)
• Obscene behaviourVandalism and destruction of property
• Littering

Attendees-First Policy

At the heart of Project SEAPonyCon and all that we do is you - the attendee. Whether it’s a meetup, a set at thunder:storm, a Harmony Six panel or a simple meetup, attendees are the ones whom we do this for and are thus, the focus of our attention.


Attendees must wear their badge where it’s clearly visible at all times when in the convention space. We recommend wearing it around your neck though other creative places to attach it are fine so long as we can see it without having to look for it. If your lanyard breaks, please approach the registration counter for a replacement.

Your Badge

Please take good care of your badge. If you are found without your badge for any reason, you will be asked to leave the event immediately. We will not be able to recover lost badges, therefore if you lose or forget your badge you will need to purchase another one.

Badge Ownership

Badges are strictly non-transferable once redeemed. A badge is considered “redeemed” when a name has been written on it during registration. Badges can only be redeemed by their registered purchaser (if pre-purchased) or when the relevant documents are produced (for BC19 promotional redemptions, panelists, musicians etc.)

Badge Transfer

In special circumstances, badges purchased online may be transferred upon request. Contact us @SEAPonyCon on Twitter or at to make a request. We allow all Friendship Pro vendors who have already purchased their convention ticket to offset their table fees when applying for a table.

Admission Limits

Badge sharing is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for invalidation. If more than one person is found to be using the same badge, even on a rotational basis, that badge may be cancelled. No refunds will be given. You are also reminded not to enter areas that are not open to attendees. Repeated and/or intentional trespassing will result in badge cancellation.

Denial & Invalidation

While we do say that everyone is welcome at Project SEAPonyCon and its events, we will take measures to remove or deny entry to certain individuals. We may invalidate your badge if you are found to be in violation of our policies and/or code of conduct. Any decisions relating to removal, entry denial and badge invalidation will be made solely by the Project SEAPonyCon Core Committee and are final. Badges are not refundable.

Order & Continuity

To ensure a smooth flow of activities and events as well as a timely following of our agenda, we ask your cooperation on the following.

Damages & Loss

You must take care as to not damage any property, including your own. Vandalism will not be tolerated. If we find you responsible for causing preventable damage to property belonging to the venue you will be liable to pay for the damages. Likewise if you are found to be responsible for preventable damage to property of Project SEAPonyCon, you will be liable for the payment.

Personal Belongings

You are also completely responsible for any articles you bring to the convention, unless officially given or loaned to Project SEAPonyCon. We will not be responsible for any personal property lost or damaged before, during or after the event.

Ingress & Egress

Your badge grants you unlimited access to the convention during convention hours. Outside of these times as stipulated in our agenda, you are not allowed to be in the convention centre unless permission is explicitly granted by the Project SEAPonyCon Core Committee. You are required to vacate the premises when instructed to do so to ensure smooth flow of events and to facilitate a timely setup and teardown. Failure to vacate the premises when instructed to do so may result in you being escorted off the premises.


While we want everyone to enjoy themselves at our event, we would like to remind you to clean up after your activities, whether they take place on the stage or in your own corner of the hall. Having to arrange for cleanup takes precious resources and time away from our team that can be better spent in ensuring the smooth running of the event.


Be respectful when taking photographs and ask permission before photographing or recording individuals and/or merchandise. Some vendors and/or cosplayers may not be comfortable with their images being shared on social media. If told not to post an image, please respect these wishes.

Noise & Alarms

We recommend that you keep your phone and portable devices in silent mode or switched off during the convention for the comfort of other attendees. If you need to take a call, simply step outside o the hall. Talking during panels is alright but please mind your volume and the comfort of others who may be around you.

Attendee Intelligence

Project SEAPonyCon reserves the right to conduct background checks on all information supplied by attendees during registration. Your information will not be sold to third parties for marketing purposes. All checks will be done discreetly and at the discretion of the core committee. As our attendees come first, we hold their security as one of our top priorities and do not welcome unsavoury individuals at our event.

Project SEAPonyCon also reserves the right to cancel any pre-registration without any reasons given. If a badge has not been issued, registration fees will be refunded in full.

Decisions by the Project SEAPonyCon Core Committee are final and no correspondence will be entertained.

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