Introducing Parallel Ticketing

After some feedback from our community we have opened a second ticketing outlet for those who wish to use PayPal to pay for their convention tickets. We are using two ticketing engines for this year's convention - Universe and Eventzilla.

Tickets sold are non-refundable. Please note that you do not need to purchase tickets on both sites - the tickets offered by these two services are exactly the same.

Use Universe if you would like to purchase your ticket with your credit/debit card. This option allows you to download your convention ticket to the Universe mobile app and/or Apple Wallet for added convenience.

We have temporarily suspended Universe ticketing due to a system glitch. Your tickets purchased via Universe are still guaranteed. Please use Eventzilla for ticketing for the time being.

Use Eventzilla to purchase your ticket if you want to use PayPal or if you would like to donate to the convention.

30 NOV - 1 DEC 2019

O Come, All Ye Faithful

Operation SEAPonyCon will be taking place at the Penthouse floor of the Marc 2000 Tower in Malate, Manila. The tower is right next to Quirino Station on the LRT Line 1, and is accessible through multiple bus, jeepney and UV Express lines passing along the intersection of Taft Avenue and President Quirino Avenue.

Deck The Halls

Operation SEAPonyCon is the third iteration of Southeast Asia's premier pony convention, built with love by bronies from all across Southeast Asia and attracting visitors from over 20 countries all over the world, spawning an even more diverse community.


Give a smile, get a smile!

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